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Health & Safety Curriculum Materials for Working Teens

While anyone is welcome to use the materials presented in these curriculum pages, the materials are primarily designed to be used by secondary education teachers--e.g. health classes, business ed, vocational ed--to lead students through various occupational safety curricula. Teacher guides are included on how to set up and lead the lessons.

The Wood Shop Safety training material is a self-guided eLearning tool designed for use by teen students. 




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from UC Berkeley Labor Occupational Health Program (LOHP) &
Massachusetts Coalition for Occupational Safety and Health (MASSCOSH






General Employment Curriculum:
The UW HSAWT General Employment curriculum has been replaced with the NIOSH "Talking Safety" curriculum, updated for Washington State in 2017, but can still be accessed here, if you care to use these materials.

Materials are presented in Adobe Reader (PDF), Microsoft Powerpoint, and Video formats.  Please note that most pdfs and powerpoint presentations are between 1mb and 10mb in size and may take several minutes to download.

The video files are considerably larger. Hover your mouse over the movie icons to see how large they are.


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