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Choose the correct answer:

1) Lockout and tagout refers to:

a) A professional wrestling move

b) A method for taking attendance in a shop class

c) A process of locking equipment and tagging it so that it can't be used until repaired

d) A way of locking up valuable shop equipment so it won't get stolen

2) Which of the following is not part of the process of lockout and tagout?

a) Using a padlock to lock a piece of equipment into the OFF position

b) Placing a tag on the equipment stating that it shouldn't be operated

c) Taking down a tag so that it won't get in the way

d) Arranging for the repair of a broken piece of equipment

3) Who has permission to unlock a piece of equipment that has been locked and tagged?

a) Your shop teacher

b) Any student who has the teacher's permission

c) A student who needs to use the equipment for their project

d) the principal

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