YW General Wood Shop Safety | Unit 1f

Shop Clean-up





Don’t allow clutter to accumulate in the shop area. Clutter provides areas for wood dust to accumulate and not get cleaned up. Clutter can also get into your way while you are working, increasing the risk of an accident. On the floor it can cause tripping hazards.



Cleaning Work Benches

When cleaning sawdust from tools and work benches, do not use compressed air or your hands. Compressed air could blow small pieces of wood or sawdust into your eyes. If you use your hands, you could get cuts or splinters. The best way to clean equipment and bench tops is to use a hand brush.






Cleaning the floor

At the end of class, make sure the floor is swept and the waste sawdust is disposed of properly. To avoid injury from inhaling or handling wood and/or metal splinters, always use a brush or broom to clean the floors of saw dust. If any liquids are spilled on the floor, let the teacher know right away for guidance in immediately cleaning it up.



Equipment Storage

When you are finished for the day, place your project in the storage area, This will help protect your work and keep it from getting in the way of other students.



Tool Storage

Return all tools to back to their assigned storage areas.


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