YW General Wood Shop Safety | Unit 1b

Foot Protection, Clothing, Jewelry, Hair


Why is it so important to wear the right kind of clothing when you are working in a wood shop?

Anytime you are wearing something loose, there is the possibility it could become tangled in your machine. This includes not only your clothing, but also necklaces and other jewelry.

People have been seriously injured when their hair has gotten wound around a fast-spinning tool.

Open-toed shoes (like sandals) do not offer enough protection for your feet.




Roll long sleeves up above the elbow. This will keep your clothes clean and prevent the material from getting caught in the tool you are working with.




Foot Protection

If you don't have the right shoes or boots, you could jam or stub your toe on equipment. Your toes could also get crushed or cut by falling objects. Even a small object, no heavier than 7 pounds, can injure your foot when dropped from waist height.

To prevent these injuries NEVER wear shoes with open toes (like sandals of any kind) while working in the shop.



Shoe Soles

Make sure the soles of your shoes are thick enough to prevent nails from puncturing them. On construction and building sites, it is easy to walk on a board with a nail sticking out of it. If you were just wearing tennis shoes, that nail could puncture your foot.




Steel Toes

The best way to protect your feet from crushing is to wear boots or shoes that have cap built into the shoe, which covers the toes. These are called steel-toed shoes. These are required on many construction and building sites because the risk of foot injuries is so high.






If you are wearing a loose necklace, either tuck it into your shirt or take it off and put it into your pocket while you are working. Take off rings and put them in your pocket to prevent your fingers from getting caught in the moving equipment.




Long hair

Tie it back so it can not hang over the tool you are working with.


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