YW Curriculum: NEW! General Workplace Safety - Talking Safety for Washington State

This curriculum is designed to guide Washington state educators in teaching basic concepts about workplace health and safety. By teaching this curriculum, your students will be better prepared to deal with hazards in the workplace and in the classroom.

These materials are designed for use with students in grades 8-12. Students 18 years and older will be affected by different labor laws as they are adults and no longer covered by the "child labor laws". The information contained in this curriculum is still very applicable, however, for young adult workers. 

Materials include a link to the PDF "Talking Safety", now maintained on the National Institute of Occupational Safety & Health website, and updated for Washington State labor laws. Like the archived HSAWT curriculum, this material contains teacher preparation materials, guided activities, learning objectives and masters for student handouts, and other materials templates. Also provided are Powerpoint (PPT) slide presentations to use with each unit, and some video links (that will take you to other websites for viewing the videos).

This curriculum very closely mirrors our previous HSAWT materials, with the added bonus of the Emergencies at Work unit. However, the new material does not contain the HSAWT units on Ergonomics and Sexual Harassment. Therefore, we have updated these units and have added them as "stand alone" features, and hope you will find these materials of value for your students.

    The units are:

  1. Young Worker Injuries 

  2. Finding Hazards

  3. Making the Job Safer

  4. Emergencies at Work

  5. Know Your Rights and Responsibilities

  6. Taking Action

with 2 additional units provided by the University of Washington:

7. Ergonomics

8. Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace





Educational Standards

For information on how these materials correlate with national and state learning/educational standards,
please consult this Standards Correlation PDF, where the standards alignments are presented by the Unit numbers listed above.


Curriculum Files

Units 1-6:  "Talking Safety" Curriculum NIOSH website link to the Youth @ Work site

includes links to

  • PDF/Text of the entire curriculum
  • Powerpoint slide file
  • Teen Workers: Real Jobs, Real Risks (Mallory's Story)

Unit 7: Ergonomics Unit

Unit 8: Sexual Harrassment in the Workplace Unit

  • Text: part A PDF   |   Text: part B PDF
  • Slides: PPT



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