Healthy Homes Training

Environmental hazards in the home harm millions of children each year. In 1999, in response to a Congressional Directive over concerns about child environmental health, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) launched its Healthy Homes Initiative (HHI) to protect children and their families from housing-related health and safety hazards. The following courses are offered under the Healthy Homes Initiative. Training listed on this page is made possible by a partnership between the University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, Building Performance Center (BPC), and Community Services Consortium (CSC) serving Linn, Benton, and Lincoln Counties.

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If you are a professional who is committed to making a difference in your community through safe and healthy housing, and who may visit homes to provide health or inspection services of any type, these training courses are for you. Professionals who will benefit from Healthy Homes Training include:

  • Master Builders and Contractors
  • Energy Auditors and Educators
  • Housing and Rehab Inspectors
  • Weatherization Professionals
  • Health and Housing Advocates
  • Public Health Nurses, Pediatric Nurses, and Nurse Practitioners
  • Building and Property Managers
  • Tribal Environmental Health Officials
  • Health Department Professionals
  • Community Outreach and Health Promotion Professionals
  • Janitorial Services
  • Realtors
  • Architects
  • Pest Control Operators and Pest Management Professionals



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Essentials for Healthy Homes Practitioners (2-day training)

This course will help you understand the connection between health and housing, and how to take a holistic approach to identify and resolve problems that threaten the health and well-being of residents. This course identifies root causes of health problems in a home and links them to principles of healthy housing. 


Upcoming Dates:

December 5-6, 2017

January 10-11, 2018

February 6-7, 2018


Building Performance Center (BPC) 3406 Redwood Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225


Please visit the BPC website to register:

General Public: $700 | Contractors with a WA Wx Agency: $350 | WA State Wx Agency Staff: $0


Healthy Homes Evaluator (3-day training)

This course prepares students to identify and evaluate health-related hazards in a client's home. Students will learn good practices in working with residents, how to identify housing-related health hazards, use tools to measure hazardous conditions, prioritize hazards, and identify and communicate solutions to residents. Students must complete the Basic Principles of Healthy Homes online course before taking this training. Please see the Online Training section below for more information on the basic course. 


Upcoming Dates:

No trainings are scheduled at this time. Trainings will be posted here and the BPC website upon scheduling. In the meantime please contact or 206-685-3089 for information. You may also contact Robyn Kauppila with BPC at


Building Performance Center: 3406 Redwood Ave, Bellingham, WA 98225


To register, please visit the BPC website:

General Public: $1050 | Contractors with a WA Wx Agency: $525 | WA State Wx Agency Staff: $0


Healthy Homes Essentials for Environmental Professionals (1-day course)

This training is a condensed, accelerated version of the Essentials course for those who already have certification as a professional in a healthy home-related field of expertise. It complements hazard-specific training in lead-based paint, radon, mold, pests, and asbestos, identifying root causes of health problems in a home and preparing professionals to make healthy homes a reality in their communities. This training requires at least 5 years of experience in related indoor/home health consulting, remediation and assessment. If you are unsure if you qualify, please contact or 206-685-3089.

Upcoming Dates:

TBD: will be scheduled in May or June, 2018.
Call 206-221-3967 (Sarah) for more information

University of Washington 4225 Roosevelt Way NE, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98105

Course Price: $150


Integrated Pest Management in Multi-Family Housing (1-day course)

This course is designed to help property managers, resident leaders, pest control operators and pest management professionals work together to implement a comprehensive integrated pest management program by developing the skills and practices needed to effectively eliminate pests such as cockroaches and rodents from multi-family housing. Download the course flyer

Upcoming Dates: TBD

For more information on upcoming IPM classes or to discuss setting up a class for your group, please contact UW Continuing Education at or call 206-685-3089 or 1-800-326-7568.

Course Price: $85



Eco-Healthy Child Care® Train the Trainer (TtT) (5-hour course)

Learn the free to low-cost steps that child care providers can take to protect the children in their care from common environmental hazards such as lead, pesticides, cleaning products, mold, art supplies, and plastc products including toys. This award-winning, science-based training focuses on common products found in child care settings that may contain chemicals or heavy metals linked to childhood asthma, learning disabilities, and increased risk of cancer.

This 5-hour course is intended for child care trainers, technical assistance providers, child care administrators and those responsible for purchasing, licensors, nurses, and any individual interested in childrens' environmental health.

Content delivered in this training is compliant with the child care licensing regulations mandated in Washington State. All training materials and the full curriculum are available in English and Spanish for use in your own future trainings. View more information by downloading the COURSE FLYER.

Upcoming Dates:

March 1, 2018


University of Washington, Seattle, WA


Register here:

Course Price: $60

Child care licensing professionals, please contact us at 206-685-3089 or for complimentary registration.


By successfuly completing this training participants can earn:

  • 5 STARS Credits
  • Registered Sanitarians can earn 5.5 CEUs approved by WSBRS 
  • Two nationally recognized certificates of completion: Eco-Healthy Child Care® Trainer Certificate and the National Healthy Homes EHCC Module Certificate

Child care nurses may apply for credits






Basic Principles of Healthy Homes

You will learn about the well-documented link between health and housing; become familiar with the 8 principles of keeping your home healthy; identify the four interdependent systems found in most homes that impact not just our health, but our quality of life; and develop strategies for communicating with residents.


Pediatric Environmental Home Assessment

This course is designed to prepare nurses to recognize potential environmental hazards as part of a primary prevention approach, and recommend preventative action or make appropriate referrals for conditions that may be caused by a housing-related hazard.

To register for online training visit



For more information about the Healthy Homes Initiative, or for questions about training, please contact:

UW DEOHS Continuing Education Programs

Phone: 206-685-3089 | E-mail:

For questions specific to training offered at the Building Performance Center you may also contact Robyn Kauppila at

Download the current Northwest Healthy Homes Training Flyer to share with colleagues!




Allen Carbert, Technical and Quality Assurance Inspector, Building Performance Center Opportunity Council

Allen is a Technical Trainer and quality assurance inspetor for Opportunity Cuoncil’s Building Performance Center. He is an NEHA certified Healthy Homes Specialist and holds BPI certifications as a Healthy Homes Evaluator, QCI Inspector and Building Analyst. He has participated in the coordination of healthy homes and weatherization projects for over a decade and is now involved with program design and the implementation of Washington State’s Weatherization Plus Health initiative at the agency level.


Aileen Gagney, MA, MFA, GA-C, HHS, DST, CLR, Lecturer, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington School of Public Health

Aileen is the only MHE© Master Trainer and has successfully trained over 22 ALA affiliates, county health departments, and other organizations in the MHE program. She is a Master Trainer in the Open Airways for Schools Program, a Certified Cultural Competency Trainer, and a Certified Tools for Schools Trainer. and Quality Assurance Inspector for Opportunity Council’s Building Performance Center. 


Mark Schofield, Conservation Programs Coordinator for the Building Performance Center Opportunity Council

Mark provides in-home assessments and education for low-income clients, with a focus on improving indoor air quality and minimizing health risks, as well as improving home energy conservation. Mark has over 17 years of experience as an educator and organizer in the non-profi sector. He is a certified Building Analyst (BPI), Healthy Home Evaluator (BPI) and Healthy Homes Specialist (NEHA).


Charles (Chuck) Treser, MPH, DAAS, Principal Lecturer Emeritus, Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences, University of Washington School of Public Health

Chuck Tresser served as a faculty member in the Department of Environmentla and Occupational Health Sciences for 36 years. His primary area of teaching and research involved the applied aspects of Environmental Health Practice. Now retired, Chuck still teaches Healthy Homes Training. A sanitarian for the past 47 years, Chuck has an extensive background in maintaining safe and healthy home environments.