Professional Development

Course Resources:

  • Agricultural Safety and Health Council of America 2015 Fact Sheet - Download
  • Association of University Programs in Occupational Health and Safety (AUPOHS) Agricultural Safety and Health Fact Sheet - Download
  • Respiratory disease associated with occupational inhalation to hop (Humulus lupulus) during harvest and processing - Download
  • WA L&I: Cholinesterase Monitoring of Pesticide Handlers in Agriculture: 2013 Report - Download
  • Practical Solutions for Pesticide Safety - Download the Complementary Guide 
  • Identifying, Managing, and Preventing Pesticide Poisoning in Children: Basic Guidelines for Clinicians - Download
  • CDC Simple Solutions: Ergonomics for Farm Workers - Download
  • Pacific Northwest Agricultural Safety and Health (PNASH) Center - Visit Site
  • Course Flyer - Download

Resources from the Migrant Clinicians Network:

  • Workers and Health - Download
  • Acute Pesticide Exposures Clinical Guidelines - Download
  • Pesticide Exposure Assessment - Download
  • Cholinesterase Testing Protocols for Healthcare Providers - Download
  • Cholinesterase Testing Protocol Algorithm - Download
  • Printable Resource Bookmarks - Download

Photo: Keith Weller, USDA Photo Gallery