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Hearing Protection


Choose the correct answer:


1) At what level of loudness is noise likely to cause hearing damage?

a) 20 dB

b) 45 dB

c) 65 dB

d) 85 dB

2) How do loud noises tend to damage hearing?

a) Loud noises may cause cracks in your ear drum

b) Loud noises may cause your eardrum to become too thin

c) Loud noises may damage or break the microscopic hairs in your ears

d) Loud noises may cause the membrane covering the eardrum to wear out

3) What is the FIRST method that should be used to protect hearing in a woodshop?

a) Disposable earplugs

b) Earmuffs

c) Reusable earplugs

d) Install noise shields on loud machines and equipment

4) If disposable earplugs change their color or shape, what should you do with them?

a) Wash them with soap and water

b) Throw them away

c) Give them to a friend

d) Keep wearing them

5) Which of the following can interfere with creating a tight seal when wearing earmuffs?

a) Earrings

b) Hair

c) Glasses

d) All of the above

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