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Choose the correct answer:

1) Which of the following is NOT a good reason to keep a shop neat and tidy:

a) Things left on the floor can be tripping hazards

b) A clean shop looks more productive

c) Wood dust can accumulate on piles of clutter

d) Clutter can increase the chance of having an accident

2) If you see a liquid spilled on the floor you should

a) Let the custodian clean it up at the end of the day

b) Wait till the end of class to clean it up

c) Throw saw dust on it to absorb the liquid

d) Let the teacher know and clean it up immediately

3) What is the safest way to clean up wood dust?

a) Blow the wood dust off using your breath

b) Using compressed air

c) Wiping the dust away with your hands

d) Use a hand brush or broom

4) At the end of class you should be sure to do each of the following, EXCEPT:

a) Sweep the floor

b) Put tools back in the right storage places

c) Put your project in the storage area

d) Leave your project in the work area so it will be easy to start working again the next time you're in the shop

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