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Eye & Face Protection


Choose the correct answer

1) When you're in the shop, if you normally wear prescription glasses, you:

a)  should take them off and just wear safety glasses instead.

b)  should ask your teacher for safety goggles that fit over your glasses.

c)  don't need safety goggles because your regular glasses will protect your eyes.

d)  both A and C

2) Safety goggles can protect your eyes better than safety glasses because:

a)  they protect against dust.

b)  they protect against particles.

c)  they fit snugly against splashes.

d)  all of the above.

3)  If you wear contact lenses, it is particularly important to wear safety goggles in the shop because:

a)  dust particles can get under your contact lens and injure your eye.

b)  it can be hard to see small objects without safety goggles.

c)  safety goggles will do a better job keeping out dust than safety glasses.

d)  both A and C.

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