YW General Wood Shop Safety | Unit 1a

Eye & Face Protection




When cutting and working with wood, you always run the chance of being exposed to flying particles that can hit either your eyes or your face.

Any time you are working with a chemical product that might splash into your eyes--as when you are putting a finish, such as oil or urethane on your project--you need to wear safety glasses.





Safety glasses
Safety glasses are the easiest type of eye protection to wear. Safety glasses should cover both the front and sides of your eyes. They protect against flying objects such as particles and dust.





In addition to protection from particles and dust, goggles provide additional protection from splashes of liquids, because they fit snugly on your face. For this reason they protect your eyes better than safety glasses.





Face shields
Can be worn with safety glasses or goggles. Face shields are adjustable and guard your face against both flying objects and splashes.





Contact lenses and prescription glasses

Contact lenses and prescription glasses will not protect your eyes. Special safety glasses and goggles are available that can fit over your regular prescription glasses. Let your teacher know that you need safety glasses that fit over your regular glasses.

If you wear contact lenses, fine wood dust might get under the contact lens and injure your eye. Wearing goggles will help keep dust from getting under your contact lenses.




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