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Welcome to Wood Shop Safety

This curriculum component of the HSAWT program was developed as a self-guided "e-lesson" for students to learn how to protect themselves from various hazards encountered in a school woodshop. There are also some excellent woodshop safety resources listed below along with links to  safety posters to download for your classroom/workshop

High school vocational shop injuries cost Washington state school districts more than $1.4 million dollars over a 5-year period. Most of these injuries occurred in school wood shops. Shop teachers have responsibility for the safety of students in their classes, but they may lack sufficient occupational health and safety training or resources. This site is designed to provide wood shop teachers with age-appropriate health and safety curriculum materials. The curriculum sections allow students to proceed at their own pace as they learn about general shop safety and the safety issues associated with specific tools. Additional resources are included for teachers and students to get more information and materials on workshop safety issues.

Where to Begin

Within the Wood Shop Safety Curriculum section are two units:

  • Unit 1: General Safety covers general health and safety information that applies to wood shops.
  • Unit 2: Shop Tools focuses specifically on working safely with the various tools and types of equipment students will likely find and work with in high school wood shop. 
    (this section is temporarily under construction; you can access pages via our previous website link. For more information or questions, contact sawolz94@uw.edu. 7/1/15)

There are self-assessment quizzes at the end of each topic, followed by an answer key for the student to self-correct his/her answers. Links to PDF files of the quizzes and answer keys are provided for those who want to download and/or print the pages.

It is important to remember that the information that is covered in this web site applies to anyone who is working with tools at school, at home, or is helping someone out with a building project.


Additional Resources and Information


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