YW Curriculum: OSHA's 11

OSHA’s 11 – An OSHA 10-Hour General Industry Curriculum for Young Workers



This curriculum is a youth-oriented version of the standard OSHA 10-hour general industry course. Contains interactive lessons and activities, including printed lesson plans, handouts, powerpoint presentations and videos on a full spectrum of health and safety topics tailored to the working
high school student.







Curriculum Files

  Cover page: PDF

  Introduction: PDF

  Unit 1: Teen Worker Injuries

  Unit 2: Finding Hazards

  Unit 3: Making the Job Safer

  Unit 4: Personal Protective Equipment

  Unit 5: Electrical Safety

  Unit 6: Chemical Hazards

  Unit 7: Slips, Trips and Falls

  Unit 8: Bloodborne Pathogens

  Unit 9: Ergonomics

  • Text: PDF
  • Video: "Dr. Ergo" (YouTube link to WA Dept. of Labor & Industries video - 2005)

  Unit 10: Workplace Violence

  Unit 11: Emergencies at Work

  Unit 12: Exit Routes and Fire Protection

  • Text: PDF
  • Slides part A: PPT   |   Slides part B: PPT

  Unit 13: Know Your Rights

  • Text: PDF
  • Slides: "Jeopardy" interactive game - PPT   |   "Jeopardy" game board for overhead/transparency - PPT

  Unit 14: OSHA - Protecting Workers' Health and Safety

  Unit 15: Taking Action


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