YW Curriculum: Culinary Arts

ProSafety – Health and Safety in Culinary Arts and Restaurant Industry Curriculum




This curriculum, developed in collaboration with the Washington Restaurant Association, is designed for educators to present to teens and young workers who are studying about culinary arts, or who will be working in a restaurant setting. This curriculum contains interactive lessons and activities, including printed lesson plans, handouts, powerpoint presentations and videos.





Curriculum Files

  Cover page: PDF
  Introduction: PDF

  Unit 1: Young Worker Injuries in the Restaurant Industry

  Unit 2: Finding Hazards in the Restaurant Industry

  Unit 3: Know Your Rights

  Unit 4: Making Restaurant Jobs Safer

  Unit 5: Communicating Workplace Problems

  Unit 6: Dealing with Sexual Harassment

  • Text part A: PDF   |   Text part B: PDF
  • Slides: PPT

  Unit 7: Ergonomics in Culinary Arts

  • Text: PDF
  • Video: "Dr. Ergo" (YouTube link to WA Dept. of Labor & Industries video - 2005)


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