Welcome to the #Safe2017 campaign! The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center would like you to join us in sharing your safety goals, triumphs, and challenges this year with #Safe2017.

Why #Safe2017 ?

Nearly 3.7 million nonfatal workplace injuries and illnesses were reported in the United States in 2015. Over half of these injuries resulted in days away from work, job transfer, or restriction. In addition, 4,836 people lost their lives to a fatal workplace injuries.

Communication, encouragement, and safety culture are as just as important as education and resources in the movement to reduce workplace injury and fatality numbers. Safety Culture doesn't just happen in the workplace - through #Safe2017 we aim to continue the conversation about the importance of safety, and spread a positive safety culture accross social media. Let's make workplace safety go viral!

How can I participate?

Use #Safe2017 and mention @UWDEOHSCE when sharing your safety goals, triumphs, and challenges over the course of 2017.

We encourage you to:

  • Ask safety questions
  • Share safety success stories from your workplace
  • Share your experience at one of our OSHA courses or other safety and health trainings
  • Share a safety challenge you are facing in your workplace
  • Share how you applied new safety knowledge in 2017
  • Share your safety goals and progress
  • Share your favorite safety resources

Here are some example tweets to get you started: 

"Join me in sharing my safety triumphs this year with the @UWDEOHSCE #Safe2017 campaign: bit.ly/safe2017"

"Together we can have a safer 2017! I'm participating in the @UWDEOHSCE #Safe2017 campaign, are you? bit.ly/safe2017"

"#Safe2017 is all about workplace safety, I'm joining @UWDEOHSCE on a mission to make it happen! bit.ly/safe2017"

"This year workplace safety is going viral! Join the #Safe2017 movement with @UWDEOHSCE bit.ly/safe2017"

Download the campaign photo to use in your tweets!

The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center will be sharing as well! Check us out on Twitter at @UWDEOHSCE or search #Safe2017 to see what we have been up to!