OSHA Instructors

The Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center's OSHA-authorized courses are taught by a team of 17 expert instructors. Our instructors demonstrate their passion for safety and health by creating engaging classroom environments, and equipping students with the necessary tools to feel confident and knowledgeable about safety and health in their workplaces. The team is lead by Harvey McGill in Portland, OR and Rick Gleason in Seattle, WA.

Rhett Carpenter

Rhett Carpenter is a Central Washington University graduate, holding a Bachelor of Science degree in Occupational Safety & Health Management, and minors in both Risk and Environmental Management. Throughout his years, Rhett has gained extensive experience in the construction and general industries alike. As a Safety, Health & Environmental Professional, Rhett is committed to achieving excellence in all facets of his work. Mr. Carpenter holds credentials as a CHST, and is an instructor for a variety of safety, health & environmental related courses, offered by the University of Washington Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center. Mr. Carpenter is also an instructor through the Department of Ecology and provides Erosion and Sediment Control courses. In addition, he provides environmental services, on a variety of levels, to many organizations. Rhett is also the facilitator for the Puget Sound Safety Summit, a monthly conference of a networked alliance of government, management and labor, who gather to develop methods and solutions for the industry. While working with organizations spanning across many states, Rhett has assisted in the development, improvement and implementation of safety, health & environmental programs. He has performed a multitude of consultation services, training and oversite, ensuring the overall effectiveness of risk management at all levels.


Steve Conklé

Steve is President of Risk Management C.E., Inc. – safety & health consulting company in Washington. He is a Registered Professional Engineer (PE), Certified Safety Professional (CSP), BS in Engineering (Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo), MBA, and served in U.S. Navy (LCDR, Supply Corps). Since 2002, Steve has been a UW OSHA Region X Ed Center Instructor for both Construction and General Industry. Steve has over 30 years experience with Fortune 50 and smaller companies in Risk Management, as Corporate Safety Director, Safety Engineer, and consultant. He has provided safety, industrial hygiene and environmental health services to employers in construction, manufacturing, steel, chemical, mining, utilities, transportation, marine, retail, government sectors. Steve's areas of experience and expertise include: site audits and inspections; injury and near miss accident investigation; development and implementation of hands-on training in hazard recognition, proactive prevention programs resulting in substantial injury rate and cost reduction; state/federal OSHA compliance evaluations; successful citation settlements. He also provides expert witness assistance on employee injury cases. 


Troy Corbin

Troy is a former Education Chairman and Chairman of the National Marine Chemist Association, has worked as a compliance officer and industrial hygienist for Federal OSHA, and as a shipyard safety engineer. Troy also worked with the OSHA Health Response Team to develop a Marine Web page, and has worked with NFPA to develop their Shipyard Competent Person course. In addition to instructing courses for the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center, Troy has been an NFPA instructor for over ten years and has conducted NFPA courses across the United States as well as in Singapore. Troy developed and taught Shipyard Health and Safety Courses for the OSHA Training Institute, Exxon/SeaRiver, Keystone Shipping, BP and Alaska Tankers. He has also conducted onboard safety and chemical exposure surveys for various shipping companies aboard vessels underway as well as in local and foreign shipyards.


Nicole Errett

Dr. Errett is a faculty lecturer in the UW Department of Environmental and Occupational Health (DEOHS). She is working with the OSHA Training on Center on developing, and instructing courses within, the new Emergency Safety Specialist Certificate Program and other upcoming emergency preparedness-related course offerings. Dr. Errett brings to the department nearly a decade of practical experience in emergency management and public health preparedness at the federal, state, and local levels. Her research interests and expertise are in the use of public policy to enhance health outcomes during and after disaster. She holds a PhD and an MSPH in Health Policy from the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD.  


Rick Gleason

Rick is the lead instructor for Seattle-based courses. Rick has been teaching with the University of Washington’s Department of Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences for the past 15 years as an OSHA instructor, and as a lecturer for the department’s graduate and undergraduate students. Know for being a “Safety Celebrity”, he was a Senior Safety and Health Specialist at Prezant Associates for 15 years working as a consultant in workplace issues. He also worked for Federal OSHA as an inspector and consultant, and for the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries for 10 years. Rick Gleason is a Certified Industrial Hygienist, Certified Environmental Trainer, Certified Safety Professional, and a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager.


Katie Greiff

Katie Greiff is the Director of Safety at Sound Testing, Inc. with expertise in maritime health and safety standards and industry practices. Ms. Greiff’s extensive background in the ship repair industry gives her a unique perspective interpreting and implementing regulations. Ms. Greiff’s background in fire safety complemented her responsibilities within the safety department at Todd Pacific Shipyards. She continues to do outreach with the maritime industry as a member of the Puget Sound Shipbuilders Association, Propeller Club, the Society of Port Engineers, and the American Welding Society. She has worked with numerous ship repair companies in the Seattle area helping them to improve their health and safety plans through hazard assessment, exposure monitoring, safety training, program development and site safety consultations.


James A. Haniuk

James A. Haniuk, CSHM, CSMP, is the co-owner of JNL Safety Solutions, LLC. James’ passion for safety in the workforce makes him a champion for all employees. He believes organizational success starts with effective training. James has 20+ years of training experience with extensive knowledge in OSHA General Industry and Construction Industry standards. He has performed duties as a safety supervisor, safety manager, risk manager, OSHA safety consultant, and loss prevention technician for numerous state and federal agencies. James background in aviation, general industry, construction, and OSHA consultation & training has provided him with a variety of skills and techniques needed to effectively convey educational materials to other professionals through training seminars, workshops, and classroom instruction. As a certified Occupational Safety & Health professional, James offers competency-based instruction which aligns with the OSHA Training Institutes’ educational model syllabus to a variety of organizations. James currently provides safety/health concepts and safety methodologies instruction at the University of Washington Department of Environmental & Occupational Health Sciences School of Public Health.

Ethel "Cookie" Kaufman

Ms. Kaufman is a contract instructor for the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center. She is also the owner and sole proprietor of E. C. Kaufman Consulting, LLC. Her safety, health and environmental training and consulting experience includes 11 years with the Boeing Company and 7+ years as an instructor/consultant for RGA Environmental where she dealt primarily with asbestos, lead, DOT and hazwoper requirements. Cookie has provided construction and general industry training courses and consulting support to public and private companies, local school districts, military groups, community colleges and trade organizations.


Harvey McGill

Harvey is the lead instructor for Oregon-based training for the Pacific Northwest OSHA Education Center. He is also the owner of PAC PRO Safety and Health Services, and has worked as a safety inspector, safety manager, training manager, and safety consultant for numerous public and private organizations. Harvey has an extensive background in Construction and General Industry workplace environments, and has provided a wide variety of training to various organizations over the past 30 years. 



Jesse Michaletz MEHS CSP

Jesse Michaletz has over 20 years of experience in occupational health and safety. Through the years Jesse has worked with many large and small world-class organizations having been integral to several high profile and complex projects.  Jesse holds a Master's degree in Environmental, Health, and Safety from the University of Minnesota. He received the Washington State Governor's Lifesaving Award in 2011 and became certified by the Board of Certified Safety Professionals in 2012.



Bruce Millies

Bruce Millies has been a University of Washington OSHA Instructor for more than ten years. He is a former lawyer who practiced environmental law, took a break from the law to earn an MS in Industrial Hygiene and Safety from the University of Washington, and then forgot to return to being a lawyer! He is certified in comprehensive industrial hygiene practice by the American Board of Industrial Hygiene.

Mr. Millies was a Deputy General Counsel for the Massachusetts Department of Public Health for four years. He was an Assistant Professor of Industrial Hygiene and Safety at Empire State College (State University of New York) for four years. He was an industrial hygienist for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for fifteen years, where he worked primarily to develop safety and health training programs, and to train worker peer-instructors. Mr. Millies has also taught numerous occupational safety and health classes and workshops for workers, supervisors, union representatives and government inspectors in Chile, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Mexico.


Dana Stahl

Dana Stahl is a Certified Industrial Hygienist and served as the 2016 President of the Pacific Northwest Section of the American Industrial Hygiene Association. She is currently working at the OSHA Training Institute Education Center at the University of Washington as a business development manager and instructor. Dana has more than twenty years of experience managing occupational health and safety programs for public agencies, including the Port of Seattle and Sound Transit, and with manufacturing companies including semiconductors, medical devices, and food manufacturing. She has managed industrial hygiene and hazardous materials management programs throughout her career. While at Sound Transit, she coordinated safety certification emergency drills for the initial segment of the Link Light Rail System, facilitated development of the initial Emergency Management Plan, and worked closely with local emergency managers and emergency responders. She holds an MS in Environmental Health, Industrial Hygiene and Toxicology, from the University of Washington and a BA in Cell Biology from the University of California, Berkeley.


Kurt Stranne

Kurt Stranne is a registered Professional Engineer and a Certified Safety Professional. Mr. Stranne retired from the United States Air Force Reserve with the rank of Senior Master Sergeant. Kurt has worked as a field engineer on a Superfund project, and served as the Safety Director for a large Union contractor. Mr. Stranne has been an instructor at the OSHA Region X Education Center through the University of Washington since 1999. He has taught safety classes in over twenty-five states and other countries. Currently Kurt is the President of Apex Safety, providing regulatory compliance consultation, site safety inspections, OSHA, DOSH and specialized safety training, develop accident prevention plans, expert witness testimony and accident investigation. Kurt is a dynamic instructor with a passion for workplace safety. His energy and enthusiasm keep his classes entertaining.


Joe Teeples

Joe Teeples has over thirty years in the safety profession and has conducted audits and training in General Industry, Construction and Emergency Response all around the world. He was the Director of the OSHA Training Institute Education Center in Denver and has written numerous books on such safety topics as confined space, machine guarding, electrical safety as well as a 'how to' book for consultants to set up their safety consulting company. Joe loves to help new safety people and lives in Des Moines, Washington with his very supportive wife. His hobbies include photography and paranormal investigations. As a ghost hunter, he likes to mention to his clients: "listen to me now....do the safe thing... or listen to me later..."



Dalena Tripplet

Ms. Tripplet worked as a carpenter until there was a death on the jobsite where she was employed. From that moment on she focused her career on safety – gaining an understanding of how to avoid serious on the job injuries and alerting workers to industry hazards. She is providing workers the knowledge and skills they need to protect themselves. She has been focused on this noble passion for almost 20 years.

Ms. Tripplet currently works for Mission Support Alliance at the HAMMER Federal Training Facility. At HAMMER, she teaches nuclear site workers basic and advanced safety skills; such as, Fall Protection, Fork Lift and First Aid/CPR/AED skills. In addition to her instruction at the HAMMER Facility, she is teaching OSHA 10 and 30 courses for the Department of Energy Environmental Management sites. This training will equip DOE personnel to evaluate contractor performance and worker safety on these sites.

She has worked for Washington State OSHA (DOSH) as Region 6 Compliance Supervisor and as a Compliance Health and Safety Officer (CSHO) enforcing DOSH Regulations. Dalena has been an Authorized OSHA Outreach Instructor since 2001 in Construction and General Industry. Ms. Tripplet is an adjunct Instructor at Spokane Community College and at North Idaho College & Workforce Training Center. In 2015, she provided instruction to hundreds of students in a variety of Safety courses for Air Washington Program and open enrollment students in the NorthWest. She is a past President of the Inland Northwest American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) Additionally, Ms. Tripplet is the owner of Compliance Alliance, Inc. which has specialized in Safety Consulting and Training for Construction and General Industry since 2007 in the West Coast Region.