Treating Patients with Highly Contagious Infectious Diseases: Using Technology to Advance Safety

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April 6, 2016

UW WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Healthcare (WISH)
Harborview Medical Center
Seattle, WA


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Providing care to patients with highly lethal infectious diseases such as Ebola virus disease (EVD) presents a major, immediate challenge to healthcare institutions. High-level personal protective equipment (PPE) requirements for healthcare workers (HCWs) treating Ebola virus patients include equipment that can limit peripheral vision, gross and fine motor skills, and spatial awareness and result in injuries from needle sticks and falls. Currently available training on high-level PPE for US healthcare workers is inadequate and does not consider the physical limitations and additional safety risls posed by PPE.


To design and deliver a short courses that addresses the unique health and safety needs of HCWs treating highly contagious, emergent infectious diseases.


Risk Assessment:  We conducted 20 separate simulations to identify high-risk occupational hazards associated with high-level PPE use during the routine care of patients highly infectious disease. Simulations were video recorded and reviewed by a multidisciplinary panel to identify potential risks to HCWs as well as possible solutions.

Just-in-Time Training App: The results from the risk assessment informed the development of a just-in-time training application for use on smartphones or tablets that could used either training purposes or to guide care at the bedside. The "app" specifically target high-risk components of care and incorporated recommended solutions.

Train-the-Trainer Course: We developed and implemented a full day train-the-trainer course that (1) described hospital response processes for high-risk infectious disease outbreak, (2) incorporated lessons learned national and international response to EVD, (3) demonstrated how simulation could be used to train critical skills and assess individual and system proficiency, (4) taught participants a low cost method for teamwork training in high-risk environments, and (5) provided hands-on experience performing basic patient care while wearing full PPE. As part of the training, we developed a manual that outlined an evidence-based approach to risk assessment, and contained all material presented during the course. Participant knowledge and comfort with procedures was assessed.

Result: Attendees rated the course as beneficial, with pertinent content and informative speakers. Pre-/post measures of attendee confidence demonstrated increased self-efficacy in all ten areas. 



University of Washington School of Medicine

UW School of Public Health DEOHS Continuing Education Center

UW Northwest Center for Occupational Health and Safety

Virginia Teach Carilion Research Institute

Medstar Health

Funding for this course is provided by Washington State Department of Labor & Industries, Safety and Health Investment Project (2014XH00293-K-1901). For more information, please select the following link


Train-the-Trainer Course

Responding to the Challenge: Understanding the Need to Mobilize Personnel to Respond to an Infectious Disease Emergency

John Lynch, MD, MPH

Associate Professor of Medicine
Medical Director Infection Prevention and Employee Health
University of Washington Medicine, Harborview Medical Center

Steven Mitchell, MD

Assistant Professor, Emergency Medicine
Acting Medical Director, Emergency Department
University of Washington Medicine, Harborview Medical Center

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Additional Resources:

"Clinical Management of Ebola Virus Disease in the United States and Europe", New England Journal of Medicine - Download


Worker Protection, Hazard Analysis, and Risk of Infectious Agents

John Scott Meschke, JD, MS, PhD

Assistant Professor, Environmental and Occupational Health Sciences
University of Washington School of Public Health

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Additional Resources:

"Cleaning and disinfecting environmental surfaces in health care: Toward an integrated framework for infection and occupational illness prevention”, American Journal of Infection Control - Download


Using Virtual Reality to Develop Hospital Protocols

Dmitri Bouianov

CEO Context VR

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SHIP (Safety and Health Investment Project): Application of Failure Mode Effects Analysis to Occupational Health

Sarah Parker, PhD

Research Assistant Professor, Carilion Research Institute
Virginia Tech University

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Additional Resources:

“Failure analysis in the identification of synergies between cleaning monitoring methods”, American Journal of Infection Control - Download

“A Practical Framework for Patient Care Teams to Prospectively Identify and Mitigate Clinical Hazards”, The Joint Commission Journal on Quality and Patient Safety - Download


SHIP: Design of Event-based Simulations to Train High Risk Procedures

Rosemarie Fernandez, MD

Associate Professor, Emergency Medicine
University of Washington School of Medicine

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Additional Resources:

A typology of educationally focused medical simulation tools - Download

Healthcare Simulation to Advance Safety: Responding to Ebola and Other Threats - Download


Leveraging TeamSTEPPS Framework to Support Communication and Safety During High Risk Patient Care Activities

Ross Ehrmantraut, RN, HRET Senior Fellow

TeamCORE Clinical Manager,
UW Medicine WWAMI Institute for Simulation in Health Care (WISH)

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Additional Resources:

American Journal of Medical Quality “TeamSTEPPS: Assuring Optimal Teamwork in Clinical Settings” - Download

TeamSTEPPS Website


Additional Resources Section:


Faculty Bios - Download

Simulation Scripts

CVC line - Download

Peripheral IV - Download

Urinary Catheter Placement - Download

Intubation - Download

Fecal Management - Download

SHIP Project: Simulation and FMEA Results - Download

FMEA Worksheet - Download

APHA Ebola Presentation - Download

OSHA Ebola Website:

OSHA Links PDF - Download

OSHA FactSheets:

PPE Matrix- Download

Ebola Decontamination - Download

Ebola Decontamination Spanish - Download

Ebola Waste - Download

Preventing Worker Fatigue Among Ebola Healthcare Workers and Responders - NIOSH/OSHA - Download

Resource Materials Reference List - Download


May 5, 2017 AOHP/APIC Presentation

LIz Kindred presentation slide handout (2 slides per page) 

Sarah Wolz presentation slide handout (2 slides per page)  

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FMEA workbook (pdf in 3 parts)

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