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Updates from OSHA
Introduction to OSHA Has Been Updated 2/28/14

Materials were revised to incorporate the recent changes to the Hazard Communication Standard to align with the Global Harmonization System (GHS). Revised materials include Introduction to OSHA Instructor Guide – Replaced references to Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) with Safety Data Sheets (SDS) including Table of Contents, Appendix A1, C1, and D1 Introduction to OSHA Power Points – Replaced slides 13, 14, 22, and 39 to reflect Safety Data Sheets Safety Data Sheet (SDS) handout replaces Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS). Click here to download updated materials from

Outreach Trainer Summary of Key Changes 2/15/13 (MS Word doc)

Lost Card Request Form
Pre-Registration Form

Updated 8/20/12
Federal OTI requires that we audit OSHA Outreach paperwork and classroom instruction. Pre-registration of all outreach courses is required for all Region X outreach trainers. Please login and look for Preregister Course under Outreach Trainer Options (left side menu). You can pre-register for courses two week prior to the start date. If your start date is sooner than two weeks, please fill out and send in a paper pre-registration form. We will enter the information into your record.

Construction Focus Four
recommends student testing for the Focus Four. Please login to our website and download the tests, PowerPoints, and packets under Trainer Materials (tests are not available on Click Here for New Focus Four Hazards Materials (link will send you to, you may also download a video there entitled Construction Safety: Choice or Chance).

OTI Education Centers charge a $5.00 processing fee for each student course completion card issued. You can pay by credit card, online check, or paper check made out to the University of Washington. You can submit your reports online, fax, or mail in paper reports. Payment must be received before we process the report.

We print student names on your Construction, General Industry, Disaster Site, and Maritime 7615 outreach cards! You are still responsible for tracking the card number with the student (photocopy the cards before distributing).

Key Changes PDF. 
Summary of 2011 Key Changes: 

  1. 1. Paperwork must be turned in to the education center no later than 30 days after course completion.
  2. 2. Cards are due to your students within 90 days of the class end date.
  3. 3. Trainers must issue student cards to the student, regardless of who paid for the training. Trainers must keep copy of every card issued.
  4. 4. All 10-hour Construction classes must include 4 hours on Focus Four Hazards which requires student testing. Please login and download the tests/answers under Outreach Trainer Options; Trainer Materials section.
  5. 5. All 30-hour classes must include 2 hours on Managing Safety and Health. This may include Injury and Illness Prevention Programs, job site inspections, accident prevention programs, management commitment and employee involvement, worksite analysis, hazard prevention and control, accident investigations, how to conduct safety meetings, and supervisory communication.
  6. 6. Introduction to OSHA two-hour module required in all Construction, General Industry, and Maritime Outreach classes.
  7. 7. OSHA Outreach Training Program classes are limited to training conducted within OSHA’s jurisdiction. Classes delivered outside of OSHA’s jurisdiction will not be recognized and cards will not be issued.
  8. 8. Authorized trainers must sign a Statement of Compliance verifying that the training they conduct will be in accordance with Outreach Training Program requirements and procedures.
  9. 9. A $25 per card replacement for student cards. Maximum of one replacement card per student. No student card replacements if training was more than 3 years ago.
  10. 10. No replacements for entire class if class was more than 90 days in past and only if trainer agrees to pay fees associated with all future student card deliveries to cover cost of certified delivery.
  11. 11. Maximum of 7 ½ hours per day. Break and lunch periods required.
  12. 12. Videos can’t exceed 25% of training time.
  13. 13. Large Classes. Must request exception 60 days in advance for a class exceeding 40 students.
  14. 14. Small Classes. Must request exception 7 days in advance for a class of less than 3 students.
  15. 15. OSHA Training Institute Education Centers will be responsible for some monitoring visits and record audits. Trainers must permit unscheduled monitoring visits.
  16. 16. Trainers may be asked to provide advance notice of training and if they do not comply OSHA may refuse to issue student cards and the trainer will be subject to corrective action.
  17. 17. Trainers must teach workers in a language and at a level that they understand. Translators must have a background in occupational safety and health and all of classes using translation must cover twice the amount of time.
  18. 18. Primary Authorized Trainers. Must teach at least 50% of the class (unless class is taught with other authorized trainers) and maintain list of guest trainers used, topics they delivered, and their qualifications.

Outreach Training Program Requirements (PDF format) 2/28/2013
-Changed Appendix A –
Statement of Compliance

Outreach Training Procedure Documents (PDF format)

OSHA Outreach Training Report Forms (PDF format)
As appropriate, each program report form was updated to include the "Managing Safety and Health" requirement under the 30-hour topics