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OSHA 502: Update for Construction Industry Outreach Trainers

For individuals who have completed OSHA 500 and who's trainer authorization expired less than 90-days before the start of the course. Required every four years. Provides an update on OSHA construction standards, policies, and regulations.

Prerequisites: OSHA 500

OSHA 2225: OSHA #2225 Respiratory Protection

This course covers the requirements for the establishment, maintenance, and monitoring of a respirator program. Topics include OSHA and ANSI standards, NIOSH certifications, and medical evaluation recommendations. Course includes a discussion of both quantitative and qualitative respirator fit testing.

OSHA 3015: Excavation, Trenching and Soil Mechanics

Focus on OSHA standards and on the safety aspects of excavation and trenching. Introduction to practical soil mechanics and its relationship to the stability of shored and unshored slopes and walls of excavation.

OSHA 3115: Fall Protection

This course provides an overview of state-of-the-art technology for fall protection. Topics covered include the principles of fall protection, the components of fall arrest systems, the limitations of fall arrest equipment, and OSHA policies regarding fall protection.

OSHA 7225: Transitioning to Safer Chemicals

This course will provide participants with information about and hands-on experience with the process for transitioning to safer chemicals, as well as the key methods, tools, and databases that can assist in this process.