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Safety & Health Specialist Certificate Program

Updated October 15, 2013
Introducing 7 Safety & Health Certificate Programs!

In order to provide quality, up-to-date training, we recently reviewed and updated our four original Safety and Health Certificates and added 3 more Certificates to our offerings. You will note that each certificate has about the same number of courses to complete; however, the required core courses and elective courses have changed slightly, based on input from industry experts and our experienced instructors.

If you are currently enrolled in one of our original certificates you may continue to complete your program (login to see your completion status) or switch to one of the new certificates and apply courses you have already taken under the old certificate requirements. You can do so by emailing your request to We will waive the new certificate application fee until March 15, 2014, after which you will be required to pay the $95.00 Certificate Application Fee.

Please email your inquiries to or call us at (206) 685-3089.

The University of Washington Safety and Health Certificate Program includes the following certificate program:

core courses (required)

You may apply for more than one certificate. Core courses that have already been completed for another certificate do not need to be repeated. However, electives cannot be counted toward more than one certificate.

You are allowed to take up to two OSHA-numbered courses applicable to your certificate from other OSHA Education Centers. The courses must be taken within the three year application deadline and our office must receive a copy of your course completion certificate in order for you to receive credit towards your transcript.

Once you have applied, you have three years to complete a certificate. Courses that have been taken up to four years prior to your date of application are counted toward completion of the certificate.

For more information about the certificate program, click here or contact the OSHA Education Center at (206) 685-3089 or (800) 326-7568. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you determine if the certificate program is for you.