Safety and Health Empowerment for Women in Trades (SHEWT)

Construction workers experience many health and safety concerns including falls, being struck by/against machinery, musculoskeletal disorders, and chronic health hazards from contaminants. Women workers face additional gender-specific hazards such as inadequate physical protection, unsanitary facilities, and stress from discrimination and harassment. As opportunities for women in the trades continue to grow in the Pacific Northwest, better understanding of tradeswomen's unique exposure to workplace hazards is needed. 

Northwest Center ERC Faculty Member Noah Seixas, PhD, and DEOHS Staff Member Hannah Curtis, MPH have embarked on a project designed to identify the primary work-related health and safety risks to tradeswomen, and inform intervention strategies to address this population's health and safety challenges.

The Safety and Health Empowerment for Women in Trades (SHEWT) project is a two-part collaborative project with the Washington State Labor Education and Research Center and Washington Women in Trades. Funding and support for SHEWT is provided by the State of Washington, Department of Labor and Industries, Safety and Health Investment Projects.